Hampton's Diet

Dr. Fred Pescatore, a former Associate Medical Director at the Atkins Institute, developed the Hampton’s Diet. This diet is a mix of low carb dieting concepts and the healthiest concepts of the Mediterranean diet. He encourages the liberal consumption of monosaturated fats to aid weight loss and prevent diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. All of this is laid out in The Hampton’s Diet, published in May of 2004.

His book includes a thirty-day meal plan, gourmet recipes and information about Australian macadamia nut oil, which he encourages dieters to use liberally. He suggests the use of special cold pressed virgin olive oil if you cannot afford the macadamia nut oil that he considers to be the best for your health.

There are a liberal number of recipes but most of them use expensive ingredients and are quite gourmet-style. World-class chefs and restaurant owners contributed many of the book’s recipes to their own successful low carb creations enjoyed by customers worldwide.

Because of Dr. Pescatore’s affiliation with Dr. Atkins, his diet is heavily influenced by the Atkins diet. The main points of difference seem to be more of an emphasis on fruits and vegetables, the use of healthier fats like macadamia nut oil and the suggestion that all skin and fat be trimmed from meat prior to cooking.

This plan has a lot of the same features as Atkins, but features tasty recipes and 30-day meal plans and more than 100 recipes.

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