Ice Cream Cookies

Carbs Per Serving: 20 TOTAL over estimated for sweetner choice
Prep Time: 5 mins 1 hour to freeze
Effort: Easy


1 cup heavy cream
3 drops Stevia or 3 splenda packets
2 tbsp Natural Peanut butter
4 oz Softened Cream Cheese
1 tbsp Atkins Choc Syrup (optional)

How to Prepare:

Whip cream and sweetner with a hand beater until its like cool whip texture. Add all the other ingredients and beat until well mixed… taste for sweetness adjust if you want.
Using a spoon put big globs on a non stick cookie sheet or in an ice cube tray and freeze until firm pry them off cookie sheet and store frozen in a plastic bag.
They are pretty hard to get out of an ice tray i have to use a knife to get em but they come off the cookie sheets real easy..and taste like peanut butter cup ice cream! makes 20 ish cookies

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