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Drs. Michael and Mary Eades, co-authors of The Protein Power LifePlan hold views similar to Audette and also believe that modern health problems are caused by our modern diet that is heavy on grains and processed food. (Notable is that Dr. Michael Eades even wrote the introduction to Audette’s NeanderThin.)

The Eades offer a food pyramid that is the USDA pyramid turned upside down so that proteins form the base, vegetables and fruit form the center and whole grains form the pyramids tip.

In addition to basing your diet on high protein and low grain intake, the Eades also encourage regular exercise and modified regular sun bathing sans sun block to help the body produce needed vitamins and regulate body systems. They also recommend taking a complete multi-vitamin and mineral supplement daily.

Dieters must identify their per meal minimum protein requirements by height, weight and sex. Each meal should include at a minimum that amount of protein and protein should be consumed at each meal. Dieters should eliminate bad fats, which include corn oil, vegetable cooking oils, margarine, vegetable shortening and all partially hydrogenated oils.

The diet can be followed in phases allowing a quick transition to low carb and accelerated weight loss. The first phase is called Intervention and carb intake is limited to 7 to 10 grams per meal. The second phase is called the Transition level and should be adhered to for several months. At this level up to 15 net carb grams are allowed per meal. In the final maintenance phase, up to 30 grams of carb can be consumed with each meal. Additionally, they offer food choices and plans for 3 types of low carb dieters: Purists, Hedonists, and Dilettantes.

Purists are looking to replicate a Paleolithic eating style in the modern world and will rely heavily on animal protein and will avoid all dairy products, alcohol, caffeine, legumes, sugars (except honey), processed food, cereal grains and products that contain them. Additionally, they will eat fresh, organic fruits and veggies and natural meat products or game.

Hedonists are allowed the most dietary leeway. They simply need to consume sufficient protein, keep carbs within set per meal limits, consume plenty of water and good fats and take potassium and magnesium supplements.

The Dilettantes walk the middle road between these two extremes. They continue to avoid wheat, corn, millet, rye and products produced from their flours. Yet they are allowed carbs within the daily guidelines, some natural sugar and organic dairy products.

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