Salmon Patties 2

Serves: 10
Effort: Easy
Calories: 834
Fat: 43
Sat: 17
Poly: 8
Mono: 14
Carbs: 4
Fiber: 1
Net Carbs: 3
Protein: 101

16 oz Can of Pink Salmon, drained
1 Large Egg
1 teaspoon of ground Black Pepper
1/2 cup of Dry Grated Parmesean Cheese
1 teaspoon of Dillweed, dried
Peanut Oil for frying

How to Prepare:

Mix Salmon, Egg, Cheese, Dillweed and Black Pepper well. Form into 9 patties.
In Large non-stick skillet, add enough peanut oil to cover bottom and heat to a medium-high heat. Add Salmon patties and fry on each side till a golden brown.

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