Schwarzbein Principle

Dr. Diana Schwarzbein is the endocrinologist to the stars. The doctor of choice for Suzanne Somers, Larry Hagman and many others, Schwarzbein encourages extensive testing for hormonal imbalances and then suggests various diet and exercise programs and selective hormone replacement to treat any deficiencies.

Dr. Schwarzbein’s diet principles are laid out in The Schwarzbein Principle, her 5-step plan to optimal health.

The first step of the program is Healthy Nutrition and there are ten basic rules:

1. Never skip a meal again

2. Eat real, unprocessed foods

3. Eat balanced meals

4. Choose a protein as the main nutrient in your meal

5. Add some healthy fats

6. Add real carbohydrates

7. Add non-starchy vegetables

8. Eat snacks

9. Eat solid food

10. Drink enough water

The second step of the program is Stress Management:

1. Make downtime a daily practice

2. Put your life in perspective

3. Keep track of stress signals

4. Get enough sleep

Third, avoid all toxic chemicals including:

1. Nicotine

2. Alcohol

3. Refined sugar

4. Artificial sweeteners

5. Illegal drugs

6. MSG, additives & preservatives

7. Fake fats and fat blockers

8. Caffeine

9. Certain prescription drugs

Fourth, practice cardio, resistance and flexibility/relaxing exercises.

And finally, the fifth step to optimal health is taking hormone replacement therapy as needed.

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2 thoughts on “Schwarzbein Principle”

  1. I recently read your book The Schwarzbein Principal, which makes a lot of sense. I had previously read some articles by Dr Dwight Lundell, which sounds much the same.
    As I’m sure you are aware, there is so much conflicting information available that it would be nice if those of you that agree on something, would get together and present a united front.
    Can you describe any areas the two of you disagree?

    I’m a single male, age 70, relatively healthy, mildly obese with high blood pressure and cholesterol, with limited cooking skills. I am having difficulty finding recepies that my grandmother would have used. I’m pretty sure she didn’t use tofu etc. Can you point me in a direction?

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