Steak Pizzaiola

Carbs Per Serving: 3 grams carbs total
Effort: Easy
1 steak — rib eye.. any size
2 teaspoons tomato paste
Italian seasoning — or herbs as below
1 ounce mozzarella cheese — grated

How to Prepare:
Preheat broiler to as hot as you can get it. Broil steak on top rack of oven (just about 2 – 3 inches from broiler) until brown on one side. Turn and broil second side.

When almost to your desired doneness, remove from broiler and spread with tomato paste. Sprinkle lightly with Italian seasoning (if you don’t have it pre-mixed, just sprinkle on a dash of organo, basil, and rosemary), and top with cheese. Return to broiler until cheese is melted and beginning to brown.

NOTES : Counts for Italian seasonings not included in totals.

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