Sugar Busters

On Sugar Busters! dieters cut sugar to trim fat.

This diet was created by a group of doctors and the CEO of a Fortune 500 business from New Orleans who realized that low fat foods are full of sugar and that it is the sugar in foods that produces a negative insulin response and leads to weight gain.

They emphasize the enjoyment of great food while avoiding certain forbidden foods like processed sugar and refined grain products. Sugar is not forbidden, but overtime sugar consumption should be greatly reduced and dieters should begin to recognize products with hidden sugars. Proper food combining is also emphasized to help avoid weight gain.

On this plan you eliminate potatoes, corn, white flour, white rice, bread from refined flour, most cold cereals, beets, carrots, refined sugar, corn syrup, molasses, honey, sugary colas and beer.

The authors also recommend eating fruit alone and eating whole fruits as much as possible. They permit three meals, two snacks and a sugar-free dessert, But an emphasis is placed on being able to control food portions, similar to what will comfortably fit on a normal sized dinner plate.

The diet begins with a 14-day diet plan and includes a meal planner. Dieters are encouraged to eat high fiber, low starch carbs that have a lower glycemic index. The authors also encourage the consumption of lean, well-trimmed meats for protein. They estimate that you will consume about 30 percent protein, 40 percent carbs and 30 percent monosaturated oils and other fats.

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  1. I can’t find your carb count on your bean & chili recipe. I have your cook book but can’t find needed info.

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