Thin for Good

Before he began extolling the virtues of Australian macadamia nut oil, Dr. Fred Pescatore wrote the book Thin For Good: The One Low-Carb Diet That Will Finally Work for You. This plan explores the mind-body connection in lasting weight loss and includes plans for men and women as well as a low-carb diet plan for vegetarians.

In Thin For Good, Dr. Pescatore lays out “The Eleven Emotional Levels of Eating” which are:

  1. Anger: often felt at the beginning of a new diet, or at ourselves for getting fat; but this is good because it is motivating
  2. Frustration: can result from looking at the success of others and comparing it to our own seeming lack of success; but be careful; this a negative emotion and often the one that causes people to give up
  3. Sadness: closely tied to self pity or mourning for old ways of life and eating
  4. Fear: this emotion is often very difficult to let go of and usually shows up around the same time as the first weight loss successes (Can I keep this diet up for the rest of my life?)
  5. Understanding: you must work through the first 4 emotions to get to this more positive point when you begin to understand what your bad food habits are and accept them
  6. Trepidation: described as nervousness, edginess and wariness; the doubt that can set in as you begin to see results from your diet
  7. Envy: a harmful emotion that arises from comparing yourself to others
  8. Boredom: this emotion can kill a diet; add some variety to your meals in accordance to your diet plan
  9. Relief: the beginning of the positive emotions that should be enjoyed
  10. Joy: comes after you have achieved real results; try not to sabotage it with negative thinking
  11. Contentment: the final emotion experienced once people realize their weight loss goals

Along with various exercises to help you work through your emotions, Dr. Pescatore suggests low-carb comfort food recipes that he says can help you feel better when dealing with these emotions.

He suggests “Mind Over Calories” as a concept to embrace because it will help you keep weight off for good. He reveals that this concept helped him once he lost weight and has helped him to keep it off. Mind Over Calories is about training yourself not to feel the desire for sugary, bad-carb foods that will wreck your diet and lead you right back to were you were before; overweight and unhealthy.

He also includes suggestions for dietary supplements for men and women, foods to avoid if you are on a yeast-restricted diet, have thyroid or hormonal problems and more than 40-pages of recipes.

An added bonus is the Thin For Good Food Pyramid that has proteins and fats at the base, complex carbs right above them, simple carbs like starchy veggies and fruits in the third place and finally at the very tip sugar in all its various forms.

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